Jackson – A Cool Protagonist for the Kids to Resonate With

Posted on : 17/July/2017

One of the latest offerings of Maha Cartoon TV, Suryanagar ke Saahasi is a tremendously exciting show for the kids to watch. Expanding their palette of Hindi Cartoon shows; Suryanagar ke Saahasi is a great addition – primarily for the reason of embodying endearing characters. While this is another show that is centered on the quintessential theme of kids saving their city by fighting an ultimate bad guy; the uniqueness comes through the good dose of humor permeated in the screenplay.

The lead characters – namely Jackson and Suzi, are both delightful to watch. Jackson is particularly entertaining – be it his uncanny hairstyle, his dialogue delivery, or his antics; the character is smartly written with a strong kid-appeal. In resonance with the young generation, he is a happy-go-lucky kid who doesn’t fully apprehend his abilities. In spite of amassing super powers, he personifies a very novice attitude.

But amidst his dilettantism, Jackson manifests heart and qualities of a true hero. While on one hand he is mischievous and funny with his remarks making each and every viewer laugh-out-loud; alternatively he is super courageous to never leave his friends alone in times of trouble.

Nonetheless, it is his self-depreciating humor that gives a life lesson to kids that how learning to laugh on their own escapades and never letting their confidence stutter is beneficial.

The show airs every week on Maha Cartoon TV and can be streamed online on Maha Cartoon TV XD. With half-a-dozen adventures already undertaken by him, there is no stopping Jackson from defeating the Mushroom King. Subscribe now to rejoice his high jinks and follow him in more adventures to come.

Super Ninjas: A Delightful Cartoon Show about an Endearing Kid

Posted on : 21/June/2017

A delightful Hindi cartoon show centered on an endearing kid, Super Ninjas is must watch. Delineating the story of an ancient Chinese dynasty that has waged many wars; the narrative revolves around a happy-go- lucky kid, namely Noty. Presumably the chosen one that can bring end to the tyranny of the dark forces surrounding the ancestry, Noty’s directionless life holds a lot of meaning.

Guided by the supreme teacher of the school, the guru and one of the teacher of the institution; he masters the art of kung fu and the inestimable knowledge of Vedas to produce magic. Always in surveillance of enemies, it is up to Noty to realize his full potential and become the wall that could defend the entire dynasty. Else, dwindle when the time comes to prove his mettle.

Significantly different than the cartoon shows in general, Super Ninjas has a very distinctive feel and atmosphere. Fast-paced and exciting, laced with tongue-in-cheek humor; it is downright amusing. Incorporating a storyline that puts the Eastern Asian location in play; the narrative is fun to contemplate.

Having a crisp runtime per episode, the program never wears out the viewers. Rather it keeps them engaged with the seamlessly done animation. All the kung fu karate montages, middle air chases and the psychedelic fights are pleasing to the eyes. The characters are equally interesting. While the protagonist is grounded in reality for the kids to resonate with, the supporting characters are likewise intriguing.

Promising a lot of twists and turns to come in the future episodes, it warrants a viewing. Super Ninjas air every week on Maha Cartoon TV, one of the leading cartoon channels of India. Subscribe now to rejoice its episodes in HD quality for free.

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