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Kung Fu Dragon – A Marvelous Character to Lift your Spirits

Posted on : 06/Jan/2018

You have seen numerous Hindi cartoon shows before. Be it the slice of life cartoon ‘Mooshak GunGun’, downright hilarious adventure cartoon ‘Surya Nagar ke Saahasi’, or the other worldly ‘Plantimon’ and ‘Super Ninjas’. The latest entrant, ‘Kung Fu Dragon’ is unlike anything you have seen before. Whole heartedly centered on the titular character, Kung Fu Dragon is a heavenly being that has been sent from Paradise to a messed up place called Harmony Town. Infected by a nefarious dark power, the people of the town are under its influence and it has misbalanced their lifestyle. It is onto Kung Fu to cleanse the town and its people from the dark energy and bring everything back to normal.

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Super Ninjas – Getting Bigger and Better with Each Episode

Posted on : 01/Dec/2017

Kids fantasy Anime, Super Ninjas is a Hindi cartoon that began with multitude of characters deciphering Tai Chi Institute and assembling together to gradually foresee their destiny. Training with gusto, Noty and his friends garnered plethora of skills from their master and aptly put them to use in demanding situations. From fighting the shape shifter to Miss Malini, the ninjas have been truly super.

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Mooshak GunGun – A Hindi Cartoon Show with Memorable Characters

Posted on : 15/Nov/2017

The longest running show of Maha Cartoon TV, Mooshak GunGun has been entertaining the kids to full throttle. Every episode brings something new to the table. While the involvement of vibrant characters like the Genie and Panda delighted the children, the recent episodes have elevated the level with concepts of Shayari competition and Voice Changer Machine. With over forty hilarious episodes, all the characters had their epic moments that developed them further.

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