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Surya Nagar ke Saahasi – Cocktail of Old School Comedy and Advanced Animation

Posted on : 03/Oct/2017

A cocktail of old school comedy and advanced animation, Surya Nagar ke Saahasi is an entertaining Hindi Cartoon show for kids. An adventure that began on a fairly straightforward note with Jackson and Suzi vowing to save their city by battling the Mushroom King has turned surprisingly more enthralling. Maintaining a playful attitude with plenty of self-depreciating humor and wise-cracking dialogues, the show is often a laugh riot.

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Simplify Your World by Watching Techno Kids Life Hacks

Posted on : 22/Sep/2017

Techno Kids is a widely loved interactive learning show that has been professing the kids numerous ways of utilizing the waste material. One of the special segments of the show is of Life Hacks where kids get to learn practical tricks and techniques which make their life simpler. There is plenty of stuff that has been covered in the show. A child may not perceive enough benefits of plastic bottles but through the eyes of DJ, they hold greater significance.

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Pappu aur Pappa: A Hysterical Cartoon Show for both the Kids and Adults

Posted on : 09/Sep/2017

Nothing can beat the fun of relishing cartoon videos with family that is downright uproarious. Pappu aur Pappa is a fresh Hindi cartoon series from Maha Cartoon TV that centers on a family comprising of unorthodoxly imbecilic characters whose actions evoke laughter. Taking into account that kids vouch for cartoon shows that are light hearted and not content heavy – Pappu aur Pappa checks the list.

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