Dwell in the realm of great cartoon characters varying from the Indian Sherlock Holmes aka Aryan and the classic Panchatantra Tales.

The progeny of two years of rigorous thinking and planning, Maha cartoon TV is a pioneering cartoon channel that was launched on November 1, 2016. As the nation’s first free-to-air cartoon channel, it is targeted at rendering great, resourceful entertainment to the kids residing in the rural areas.

Third entry in a series of TV channels created by DV Group of Companies, it is a Hindi cartoon channel aimed for the kids ranging between the ages of four to fourteen years. The channel features distinctive cartoon characters conceived and designed by in-house production teams.

The longing to have homegrown characters is rightfully taken into consideration as the writers have etched Indian leads which will instantly appeal to the kids and has the caliber to flourish.

The top shows on Maha Cartoon TV comprise of Mooshak Gungun, the Indian version of the uber famous Tom and Jerry. The classic tales of Panchatantra which is a compilation of short stories proffering the message of our immense cultural heritage. The interactive learning program Techno Kids, a hands-on approach for kids to fathom life hacks. And Bal Chanakya, a character inspired form the legendary Chanakya which is about a kid with a sharp mind and the ability to overcome any obstacle in life.

The channel also airs a variety of foreign content. This includes the ultimate Charlie Chaplin show. For the first time ever the content is dubbed in Hindi and it is being loved by people in abundance. All in all, fun never stops at Maha Cartoon TV.

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